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This is Randy
Randy's Job
This is Randy working at his job.
Randy working more.
And Working.
Randy works very hard.
Read more about Randy's job here. Randy is Famous
Sometimes Randy is on TV. Here are he and some of his friends on the David Letterman Show. Randy and his friends dress alike, but they are not a gang1.
They are a team2.
Go here to find Randy on T.V.
Go here to read about Randy's team.
1. gang, noun a. A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit. b. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents. 2. team, noun a. Sports and Games. A group on the same side, as in a game. b. A group organized to work together:
Randy's Happy Day
Randy and his friends are happy because they just won the Stanley cup.
They won it because they did a good job.
Can you find Randy? *
Read about the good job the team did here
A special thank you to Wayne Gretzky for the musical inspiration for this page.
* Me either, but I know for sure he was there.
More About Randy
Go here to check how well Randy is doing with his job.
Go here to see how much Randy makes for doing his job.
(Hint: #149)
Go here to see how fans rated how well Randy does his job.
(I don't think this poll is any good. I did not find out about it until one day before it ended, and only had a chance to vote 20 times because they made me keep disconnecting and logging back on to vote again.)
Or here to see how talented a panel thinks Randy is.
(Hint: #34)
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This is Randy

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