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"I've just got to pick another team or two to play well against," Randy McKay on scoring 3 of his 4 goals this season on Edmonton's Salo.

"I was the one who believed the most, McKay said. I was told I was done, but I had asked the doctor to give me the best-case scenario. So now I'm a spectator. And let me tell you, it's not fun."
Sunday, June 3,  Randy McKay on not returning to play in the Finals because of a broken finger or hand or wrist or whatever.

"Those goals both should have been mine," McKay did not say about game 2 of the finals,  while he didn't throw darts at a Ray Bourque poster, and did not add, "Besides, Stevenson and Corkum have like, such, totally, you know, boring facial hair going on." 


"It's not a happy thing."

Randy McKay on breaking his wrist in Game 1 of the Finals


Randy McKay was the one who got the Devils onto the scoreboard, enhancing his shocking, brand-new reputation as a sniper deluxe....
Sunday, May 13th Mike Vaccaro, Star Ledger


They would gladly point Shayne Corson and the checking line at the Devils' top offensive unit of Jason Arnott, Patrik Elias and Petr Sykora, but one or another of the second, third or fourth lines is just as apt to bury them if left unattended. Can you say Bobby Holik? Alex Mogilny? John Madden? Randy-for-heaven's-sake-McKay?
Wednesday, April 25th - Faceoff.com


"We were on a power play and I went where I always go, I took a whack (from Joseph) and then another. The first one I can accept but when he came at my head I figured it was enough."

Monday, May 8th - Randy McKay - explaining above photo.

"The guy with the cheesy, 1970s porno sideburns."
Tuesday, May 9th - Glenn Healy (who did not explain how  he knew this) on Randy McKay

A Randy McKay Primer