My Great Grandparents
Samuel and Elizabeth Coppin

Wray, George, James, Arthur, Clarence, Marilla, Samuel, Elizabeth, Emma, Herbert, Gladys and Sam
Wray, George, James, Arthur, Clarence,
Herbert, Gladys and Sam

Samuel Miller Coppin and Elizabeth Eleanor Mitchell were each brought to California by their parents, Samuel at age 8 and Elizabeth in her mother's womb. Samuel's parents, Robert and Catherine Coppin came from Canada during the early 1850's. They traveled by oxen and covered wagon, and settled at Clay Station, south east of Sacramento, California. Elizabeth`s parents, Joseph and Jane Mitchell, crossed the plains in a covered wagon in 1854, coming from Illinois.

Elizabeth was born on the Jackson ranch at the North Fork of the Yuba River, two days before their wagon train reached its destination at Nevada City, California. One story relates an anecdote that in approaching Nevada City, their wagon train was overturned, and, after some anxious searching, baby Elizabeth was found under a dishpan, quite unaware of the whole fracas.

The lives of Samuel and Elizabeth undoubtedly crossed in the Clay Station - Elk Grove area about 1870. They were married by James T. Short. Samuel acquired a homestead ranch near Pleasant Grove, California, where all eleven of their children were born. They had 6 boys and 5 girls: Effie, James, George, Arthur, Marilla, Emma, Clarence, Wray, Samuel, Gladys and Herbert.  After a long and active ranch life, Samuel and Elizabeth moved in retirement to Roseville, California, leaving the ranching to several of their sons. They passed away at their Roseville home, Samuel in 1935, Elizabeth in 1940. Both Samuel and Elizabeth are buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Grove, California.

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