(Or, a conversation with Bonni on IRC)


Have you ever been chatting with a friend, just having a good time, and all of a sudden see weird things on your screen?  Bet you can't beat this!  <bg>

[22:12] <Bonni> nooh sure
[22:12] <Bonni> nooh
[22:13] <Bonni> ohoh oh
[22:13] <Bonni> nononono
[22:13] <Bonni> dearoh
[22:13] <Bonni> weirdsoooooo is his
[22:13] <Bonni> keyboardmy on coffee spilled ca my
<|Karen|> :-O
[22:13] <Bonni> linehe of fron he o cursor he sends space my now and
[22:13] <Bonni> backwards
[22:13] <Bonni> read
[22:14] <Bonni> dearoh
[22:14] <Bonni> no and
<|Karen|> your cat spilled coffee on your keyboard
[22:14] <Bonni> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:14] <Bonni> his
[22:14] <Bonni> is
[22:14] <Bonni> awful
[22:14] <Bonni> no
<|Karen|> and now I have to read everything backwards?
[22:14] <Bonni> no
[22:14] <Bonni> yes
[22:14] <Bonni> yes
[22:14] <Bonni> space
[22:14] <Bonni> makes
[22:15] <Bonni> he
[22:15] <Bonni> cursor
[22:15] <Bonni> go
[22:15] <Bonni> o
[22:15] <Bonni> fron
[22:15] <Bonni> of
[22:15] <Bonni> line
[22:15] <Bonni> and
[22:15] <Bonni> no
[22:15] <Bonni> qrsuv
[22:15] <Bonni> suv
<|Karen|> the space bar makes the cursor go somewhere
[22:15] <Bonni> gone one
[22:15] <Bonni> o
[22:15] <Bonni> fron
[22:15] <Bonni> of
[22:15] <Bonni> line
[22:15] <Bonni> missinone g
[22:15] <Bonni> missing
<|Karen|> cursor goes to the front of the line when you hit the spacebar?
[22:16] <Bonni> yessssssss
[22:16] <Bonni> no
[22:16] <Bonni> abcdefghijklmnopqrsuvwxyz
[22:16] <Bonni> missing
[22:16] <Bonni> leer
<|Karen|> no t
[22:16] <Bonni> yesssssss
<|Karen|> wow
<|Karen|> we're communicating <g>
[22:17] <Bonni> his
[22:17] <Bonni> is
[22:17] <Bonni> awful
<|Karen|> yes, I can tell
[22:17] <Bonni> awful
[22:17] <Bonni> gyhrfyhtuiyuytguiytgrfyus
<|Karen|> there is a t there
[22:17] <Bonni> tyyyyyh
<|Karen|> a LOT of t's there
[22:17] <Bonni> weryryuiyreru76y7u65te3r6yu4qwerywqas
[22:17] <Bonni> yurewryuyewer
<|Karen|> I'm going to call you on the telephone
[22:18] <Bonni> nowgone
[22:18] <Bonni> k
[22:18] <Bonni> sigh
<|Karen|> geesh
[22:18] <Bonni> awful
[22:18] <Bonni> awful
[22:18] <Bonni> his
[22:18] <Bonni> is
[22:18] <Bonni> awful
<|Karen|> yes
[22:18] <Bonni> yyrrrrr
[22:18] <Bonni> rrrrrrr
<|Karen|> ggrrrrrrrr
[22:18] <Bonni> yrrrrrrrrrrrr
[22:18] <Bonni> !!!!!!!!!!!1
[22:19] <Bonni> weirdso
<|Karen|> is anybody asleep?
[22:19] <Bonni> pyhng'/yhg'[;/yhgikyyyyyyrrrr
[22:19] <Bonni> no
[22:19] <Bonni> crud
[22:20] <Bonni> need
[22:20] <Bonni> i
[22:20] <Bonni> I
[22:20] <Bonni> need
[22:20] <Bonni> my
[22:24] <Bonni> casupid
<|Karen|> I'm going to save this conversation
[22:26] <Bonni> ha
[22:26] <Bonni> you
<|Karen|> and put it on my "Bonni's Pets Page" <g>
[22:26] <Bonni> were
[22:26] <Bonni> brillian
[22:26] <Bonni> figuring
[22:26] <Bonni> i
[22:26] <Bonni> ou
<|Karen|> well, I must admit
<|Karen|> I almost panicked first
<|Karen|> hmmmm
<|Karen|> thinking
<|Karen|> geesh, what happened to Bonni??????
[22:27] <Bonni> ha
[22:28] <Bonni> peculiarcerainly is i
[22:28] <Bonni> ilike anyhingseen never
<|Karen|> yes, it is peculiar
<|Karen|> and it certainly isn't like anything I've seen either
[22:29] <Bonni> yeah
[22:29] <Bonni> weirdsooooo is back gthe oing
[22:29] <Bonni> a
[22:29] <Bonni> a
[22:29] <Bonni> one
[22:29] <Bonni> sno
[22:29] <Bonni> no
[22:29] <Bonni> s
[22:30] <Bonni> nex
[22:30] <Bonni> one
[22:30] <Bonni> up
[22:30] <Bonni> on
[22:30] <Bonni> ha
[22:30] <Bonni> line
[22:30] <Bonni> ras
[22:30] <Bonni> darn
<|Karen|> ok
<|Karen|> got the next one up on that line
<|Karen|> rats
<|Karen|> darn
[22:31] <Bonni> one
[22:32] <Bonni> t
[22:32] <Bonni> on
[22:32] <Bonni> t hat
[22:32] <Bonni> line
[22:33] <Bonni> won't
[22:33] <Bonni> work
[22:33] <Bonni> now
[22:33] <Bonni> am
[22:33] <Bonni> past ing
[22:33] <Bonni> 's
<|Karen|> :-O
[22:33] <Bonni> t 's
[22:33] <Bonni> slows
[22:33] <Bonni> me
[22:33] <Bonni> down
[22:33] <Bonni> a
[22:33] <Bonni> bit
<|Karen|> hahahaha
<|Karen|> maybe you should get one of those cups with a lid on it
[22:37] <Bonni> his
[22:37] <Bonni> has
[22:37] <Bonni> a
[22:37] <Bonni> lid
[22:37] <Bonni> sigh
<|Karen|> :-O
[22:37] <Bonni> came
[22:37] <Bonni> out
[22:37] <Bonni> t he
[22:37] <Bonni> lit t le
[22:37] <Bonni> hole
[22:37] <Bonni> t hoseof one
<|Karen|> what was the size of that hole again?
[22:37] <Bonni> not
[22:38] <Bonni> very
[22:38] <Bonni> big
<|Karen|> oh
[22:38] <Bonni> didn't
[22:38] <Bonni> t ake
[22:38] <Bonni> much
<|Karen|> how can you drink coffee at this time of night anyway?
[22:38] <Bonni> decaf
<|Karen|> ah
[22:38] <Bonni> decafdrink usually I
<|Karen|> the wimpy stuff
<|Karen|> why don't you use a dash-instead-of-a-space?
[22:39] <Bonni> ok-ok
[22:39] <Bonni> good-idea
[22:39] <Bonni> st upid
[22:39] <Bonni> cat
<|Karen|> actually, a period might be easier
<|Karen|> not.stupid,.clumsy
[22:40] <Bonni>
<|Karen|> no, I just like to figure out how to do things in a weird way
<|Karen|> I see a clothes hanger
<|Karen|> I don't think of hanging clothes
<|Karen|> I think of all the neat things I can do with it <g>
<|Karen|> it drives Phil crazy
[22:43] <Bonni> I
[22:43] <Bonni> am
[22:43] <Bonni> not
[22:43] <Bonni> feeling
[22:43] <Bonni> especially
[22:43] <Bonni> creat ive
[22:43] <Bonni> right
[22:43] <Bonni> now
<|Karen|> it wouldn't be easy to be creative when you're having a hard time communicating
<|Karen|> but you are managing
<|Karen|> you really should keep a spare keyboard around
[22:45] <Bonni> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:45] <Bonni> I
[22:45] <Bonni> have
[22:45] <Bonni> one!
<|Karen|> that'll help
<|Karen|> does the t work?
[22:47] <Bonni> tttttttttttt
<|Karen|> wow
[22:47] <Bonni> ta da
[22:47] <Bonni> I don't know WHY I didn't think of that sooner

Whew!!!!!  <g>


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