My Paternal Grandparents
Clarence and Zena Coppin

Clarence & Zena Coppin

Clarence Curtis Coppin was the seventh child of Samuel and Elizabeth Coppin.  He was born September 27, 1887 on the family ranch in Pleasant Grove, California, and attended elementary school in a one-room school house on the ranch. Clarence met Zena, the daughter of Reese Davis Murphy and Minnie Warren Elliott, in Pleasant Grove. They married in 1911, and had four children - Carlin, Bethyl, Stanley, and Lorraine.   All of the childern were born on the family ranch in Pleasant Grove. 

Clarence and Zena leased out the ranch in the late 1960's and moved to Sacramento, California. After Zena died in 1968, Clarence went to live with his daughter, Loraine Baker. During this time, Clarence, Loraine, and her husband, Walt, entertained at various senior citizen homes. Clarence played the violin, Loraine the piano, and Walt the banjo.  Clarence sold the ranch in 1974.   Starting in 1980, my sister Cathy got some of his remembrances on tape.  He told stories about his life growing up on a farm.

When Loraine was unable to care for Clarence any longer, he moved to a nursing home. He died in 1988 at 101 years of age. Both Clarence and Zena are buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Grove, California.

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