WOW Critters

The rest of the WOW made pages with pictures of their critters.  Well, my critters are kinda small, and I haven't been able to capture a picture of any of them.  Soooooooo, I decided to do the next best thing, and show a picture of their home.  We call her Cynthia.  She's home to quite a few teeny weeny critters.  I see them buzzing around MY home occasionally...  sigh!   I do wish they would stay where they belong.  I think it's rude to just drop in on someone when they least expect it.

cynthia.jpg (23103 bytes)

I also have some critters living in the upper corners of my living room.  Well, I did... my hubby got the broom and ruined their beautiful homes.  They were shiny white too!  I keep telling him that spider webs are nature's air filters, but he just won't listen... sigh!  I don't believe in removing webs until they are brown.  I'm so grateful that all that brown stuff is on the web and not in my lungs.  Oh, well!  I imagine we'll have new ones before long.  I can only hope that his eyesight is failing and he won't see them.   Maybe I should dim the lights...

WOW Critters


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