My Great Great Grandparents

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Robert & Catherine Coppin

Robert, the son of Samuel and Mary Coppin, was born on March 18, 1820 in Castle Hedingham, Essex, England.  He died in Pleasant Grove, California on May 1, 1897.  Robert's father, Samuel, was a farmer in the Hedingham sub-district, Halstead district, Essex County, England. The cause of Samuel's death was listed as "Serious Apoplexy, Coma, Certified". The cause of his mother Mary's death was listed as "Enlarged liver several years, dropsy, certified".

Catherine, the daughter of James and Catherine Miller, was born on January 18, 1821 in Onger, Essex, England.  She died in Elk Grove, California on January 29, 1905.  Her father, James Miller, was a Yeoman and a farmer. The Millers were friends of the notorious "Tolpuddle Martyrs" who were Dorset farm laborers accused of forming a trade union.  After conviction, The Martyrs were sent to the hulks (old woodenwall battleships used as prisons), were condemned and sent to Australia for life. There was such a public outcry, that they were given a Royal Pardon and returned to England. The Millers, along with some of the Martyrs, then emigrated to Canada.  James and Catherine Miller lived near New Market, a hamlet near London, Ontario, Canada. They are buried in the Mt. Albert Cemetery in York, Ontario, Canada.

Robert and Catherine were married near Toronto, Canada, presumably near the middle 1840's. Their first three children were born in Canada, Samuel in 1846, Mary in 1848, and Eliza in 1850. Sometime after this they traveled by oxen and covered wagon toward California. They spent some time in Salt Lake City, Utah during the journey. Their daughter Emma was born there in 1852. After arriving in California, they settled at Clay Station, southeast of Sacramento, California. Their last two children were born in Sacramento, Fanny in 1854, and Lucy in 1857.

Robert followed the cabinet makers trade in Canada, but took up farming and raising chickens at his new California location. He was said to be rather unsuccessful. They built their first home of handmade clay and adobe bricks there.

They later moved to Sacramento, a small village, where he operated a second hand furniture store on I Street, then in the suburbs. Late in life, they moved to son Samuel's ranch near Pleasant Grove, California, where, in 1897, he died a natural death. Catherine went to live with her youngest daughter, Lucy Brenton, in Elk Grove, where she passed away in 1905.

Both Robert and Catherine are buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Grove, California.

Joseph and Jane Mitchell

Joseph, the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Mitchell, was born on January 1, 1826 in Camborne, Cornwall, England.  He died in Elk Grove, California on March 4, 1980.  Elizabeth's maiden name could be spelled Stevens or Stephens.

Jane, the daughter of William and Esther Kistle, was born in Redruth, Cornwall, England on March 9, 1834.  She died in Amador County, California on July 7, 1908.  Other possible spellings of Kistle are: Kissell or Kissel.  Esther's maiden name was Williams.

Joseph and Jane crossed the plains in a covered wagon in 1854, coming from Illinois. Their second child, Elizabeth Eleanor, was born on the Jackson Ranch at the North Fork of the Yuba River two days before their wagon train reached its destination at Nevada City.

They established a residence in Red Dog, Nevada County, where Joseph worked the mines. After breaking his leg in a mishap, he moved his family to the Elk Grove area, and went into farming.

Joseph and Jane are buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Elk Grove, California.

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