A Day in the Life of Mattie and Phoebe

We'll start with a couple of closeups of the little dumplings.  Please ignore the dog hair on the chair.  You can tell that I do...

This is Mattie.  She was 2 years old on Nov. 11, 2005.  She can be rather silly, but is mostly calm and cuddly.  Well... except when somebody comes over.  She turns into the "in-your-face" kissy monster then...

Phoebe just had her first birthday on Feb. 5, 2006.  She's my little clown.  She would have me throwing the ball all day if I let her.  She's perky when she wakes up and perky when she goes to bed.  Mattie hates perky...

After their closeups, Phoebe terrorizes Mattie as you can see from Mattie's story below:
If I don't look at her, she isn't really there...
Oh, no! I see her out of the corner of my eye!
Yikes, a sneak attack!!!!
Back off, sister!!!
Ah, the intimidation is complete! :-)
After things calmed down, they decided to play.
Decisions, decisions, decisions...
First, it's a little tug of war.
Then they decided to play like a turtle! Click here for a video!
That wore them out, so it's naptime.
It's time for a snack.  Phoebe finishes her carrot first and Mattie gets into a corner so Phoebe can't steal what's left of hers.
It's now time for some grooming.  Phoebe likes to clean Mattie's feet.  Did you know that Boston Terrier feet smell like Fritos?
I learned a lesson...  NEVER call your dog after they've headed for the back door!  You just might find something like this!  :-(  Phoebe almost made it to the back door before I called her too!  :-O
It's time for a trip to the dog park. Phoebe wasn't sure how to handle the guy who had a crush on her and looked to her mommy for guidance. Mommy was too busy taking pictures to help...
Phoebe decided that she had to bark at this guy for some reason.  He's a really nice guy and has bostons himself so go figure...
I love the foamy mouth! <g>
Phoebe's admirer decided to stalk Mattie instead.
After a busy day, it's jammie time.

Goodnight all!!!

Note: These pictures weren't actually taken during one 24 hour time period.  They just sorta show what one of their days might be like.  I thought I'd better confess because some people might notice that the rug appears and disappears.  <g>


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