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A Dilettante's Lame Attempt

... about me

I am just doing this to fulfill the requirements set out for the beta test. Charter Member of PWPI've never been quite convinced that I am interesting enough to be foisting myself off on happenstance visitors.

... my family

One wonderful kid.
Matt Reading

Buncha cats. Dog

Da Pets

... my work

Messing about with computers.


... my interests

Unschooling, vegetarianism, organic gardening.... Stuff. Wildly leftist political stuff. Stopping child labour, wildly idealistic stuff like that....

... my likes

Well, the colour blue....

... my dislikes

Yellow? Yeah, don't much like yellow.

... whatever else

I'm running outta stuff here.

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I am, quite frankly, totally uninterested in e-mail from complete strangers.

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October 1998



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